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Governor's Economic Summit on Animal Agriculture

September 28, 2011
St. Dominic Catholic School
617 J C Street
Garden City, Kansas


The purpose of Governor Brownback's Economic Summit on Animal Agriculture is to give people engaged in agricultural production and business an opportunity to share their ideas about growing our state economy through animal agriculture. Stakeholders are encouraged to attend and provide feedback, recommendations and direction for the future. This dialogue will result in the foundation of an action plan for animal agriculture in Kansas. Public involvement is crucial to this important step in encouraging thriving rural communities throughout Kansas.


The Summit will address the following questions:

1. How does Kansas retain current farms, ranches and agribusinesses?

2. How does Kansas assist current farms, ranches and agribusinesses expand
and grow within Kansas?

3. How does Kansas recruit out-of-state/out-of-country farms, ranches and
agribusinesses to expand into or relocate to Kansas?


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